Main Hall


Saturday 21st July 2018
Little Birdhouse Arts OrganisationLITTLE B IRDHOUSE ARTS MARKETStarts: 10:00amEnds: 4:00pm
Sunday 22nd July 2018
No Bookings
Monday 23rd July 2018
Jen_FrancisPilates for Back Care, to lengthen & strengthen with improved Core, Posture, Flexibility & Body Balance.Highly recommended by MeStarts: 9:45amEnds: 10:45am
Tarporley and District U3ATable TennisStarts: 11:15amEnds: 1:15pm
Tuesday 24th July 2018
No Bookings
Wednesday 25th July 2018
Private BookingStarts: 8:00amEnds: 5:00pm
RSCDS_CheshireScottish DancingStarts: 7:00pmEnds: 10:00pm
Thursday 26th July 2018
Tarporley and District U3AU3A General MeetingStarts: 9:30amEnds: 12:00pm
Tarporley and District U3ATable TennisStarts: 2:00pmEnds: 4:00pm
ZumbazumbaStarts: 7:15pmEnds: 8:15pm
Friday 27th July 2018
Jen_FrancisFit4Fit4Life Exercise session for Mature Ladies looking to improve Core strength, Posture, Flexibility, Balance, Strength and FaStarts: 9:15amEnds: 10:15am